Directorate of Investigations


  • Receive or initiating and investigating allegations of corrupt practices;
  • Considering whether investigations are needed in relation to an allegation and if so, any investigation must be carried out;
  • Taking measures for prevention of corruption in public and private bodies and;
  • Doing anything that the commission is required or authorized to under the Act or any other law.

Our services

  • Register and evaluate complaints from whistle-blowers;
  • Inform whistle-blowers regarding the commission's decision on a reported complaint;
  • refer complaints to other institutions and obtain feed back;
  • Investigate cases approved by the Director-General(DG);
  • Provide investigation findings and recommendation thereof to the DG;
  • Prepare and forward prosecution dockets to the Prosecutor-General (PG); and
  • Manage criminal matters earmarked for prosecution up to conclusion.