Mr Big Fish (Video & Song)

The Anti-Corruption Commission hosted a Youth Integrity Event during December 2008 in order to raise awareness amongst the youth. For purposes of this event the Commission engaged Gazza, a renowned youth musician to compose an anti-corruption song containing a strong anti-corruption message that would captivate the attention of the youth. It was felt that enlisting the youth in the anti-corruption drive would be an invaluable investment as the youth of today are tomorrow’s leaders that can bring about change.

The song does not touch upon every aspect of corruption, but the message is clear that we must all work together to combat corruption.

Download the Anti-Corruption tracks as .mp3 file below.

Dear Mr. Corruption?(1.6 MB)
Mr. Big Fish feat – Qonja & Gutyfruit?(4.3 MB)


The Anti-Corruption Save Our Nation Song


The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in conjunction with Women’s Action for Development (WAD) and a number of corporate partners, concerned about the detrimental effect of corruption in our country, endorsed the Anti-Corruption Save our Nation Choir Competition Project. The purpose of this project was to create a nation-wide awareness on corruption and to mobilize the Namibian society to speak out against corruption and report the occurrence thereof. A song with a strong anti-corruption message was composed by Ms Veronica de Klerk of WAD. The Polytechnic Choir was used to demonstrate the song and choirs were invited to enter the competition and emulate the song to the best of their ability. The winning choir was Voices of God.

Click here to listen to the winning choir Voices of God performing the Anti-Corruption Save our Nation Song.